Optimize Your Health & Wellness

The HEALTH & WELLNESS coaching industry is huge and getting bigger everyday. There are no shortage of great options for people that are looking for support in this area.

The most important feature that you should look for in a coach is someone that RESONATES with you. Someone that you can relate to and makes you feel heard.

Your ideal coach will help you discover your WHY, what your primary BARRIERS are, and then set goals WITH you, rather than FOR you. It is a relationship, and the dynamics of that relationship matter MORE than the specific steps or advice when it comes to getting results.

My approach to Wellness Coaching is comprehensive. We will do a thorough Lifestyle Review so that we know where you are starting. Just like when you set a destination in your GPS looking for directions, it needs to know what your starting location is first.

After we know where you are starting from, we can select your destination. This destination represents your GOALS. Where you want to get to.

Once we have these start and end points, we can start to narrow things down. We can look at the different ROUTES to get there. We can choose to avoid highways or tolls. We can choose to walk, bike, or drive. Make stops along the way or drive straight-through.

If you are looking for QUICK tips and EASY answers, then you and I are probably not going to be a good match for health and wellness coaching. Because in my experience in the health and wellness field for 22 years, I have never seen a quick or easy transformation. If it was quick or easy, you wouldn't be looking for help along the way. And each person is much too unique for a pre-packaged roadmap.

Sometimes it can be simple. Sometimes it is more complicated. Sometimes it happens faster than you want. Sometimes it takes longer than you had hoped. It is a PROCESS. And a commitment. Anything worth doing is. But I am here to guide you along the way and keep you headed toward your destination. Even if that means a little re-routing along the way.

Getting Started

All Health & Wellness sessions start with a Lifestyle Review. This is a look at your past, your present, and what you want for your future. This is a prerequisite to signing up for a Wellness Plan with me.

Why? Because I want to make sure we are a good fit. I want to be certain that I can help you to reach your goals. And I want YOU to feel comfortable working with me.

This is a single session with NO required commitment and the ability to opt-out of all further communication afterward, if you choose to. Think of it like a test drive.

Moving Forward

After completing the Lifestyle Review, you can select from 3 customized Wellness Plans to suit your needs:

3-month Personalized

Health & Wellness Coaching

6-month Personalized

Health & Wellness Coaching

12-month Personalized

Health & Wellness Coaching