About Dr. Dana Palmer


After 20 years working in the health field and 15 years as a physical therapist, I decided to build a practice that could dedicate time to each person and every aspect of their care. 

This focus has narrowed to women with challenges getting to the clinic due to busy schedules or childcare issues.  Or those that don't want to spend their limited time sitting in waiting rooms or commuting. As a mother of two young children, I completely understand the "Life Tetris" that is often involved in getting to appointments and managing health and wellness!

My eclectic approach to recovery includes exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and general wellness. I am realistic in treatment planning and am well aware that we just can't do it all. At least not all at once. Sometimes that means breaking goals into manageable bites.

I am particularly passionate about delivering treatment programs that put you in the driver's seat and move beyond the restrictions imposed by insurance companies. I am committed to help you to build a strategy that allows YOU to take control of your health and your future! 

On a personal note, I am married with two children and as a family we spend a lot of time together adventuring, working around the house, or just vegging on the couch for a Star Wars marathon. We have a classic 90's era Eurovan pop-top camper and love to spend our summers exploring new campgrounds. We all enjoy being outside and can generally be found doing garden or yard work in warmer weather and playing in the snow in the winter. Ever in support of the little guy, I enjoy site-roasted coffee from a french press, craft IPAs, and hole-in-the-wall diners.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Physical Therapy (BMRPT) in 2004 and Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) in 2009. I have completed multiple continuing education courses in Pregnant and Post-partum Fitness, Pilates, Women's Health, and Nutrition. Throughout my career I have practiced in Canada, Northern Mariana Islands, Hawaii, California, New York, and Michigan. In addition to clinical practice, I have been an adjunct faculty member at A. T. Still University since 2010. 

I will meet you where you ARE and help you get to where you want to GO!